Shanice Aga is an artist, designer, and art director. Raised by a village, generally scrappy, living and working in VA, U.S.A. 

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Eco Habits

User Experience Design
Art Direction
In this climate focused UX design project, my team and I concepted an Apple Watch application that considers a way we can track our water consumption. By gamifying the experience and allowing users to close rings, compete with friends, and earn challenge badges, the app makes water conservation fun and engaging. Additionally, the app encourages users to be more conscious of their water usage habits and empowers them to make more sustainable choices.

Looking ahead, the app has the potential to integrate with other smart devices and appliances, such as electricity usage and gas consumption during commuting, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking to reduce their environmental footprint, save money, or earn bragging rights. With Eco Habits, we made a 3% change to the existing apple watch features around exercise and health, modifying what users are already familar with to create an experience with the power to inspire positive change on a massive scale.

Experience Designers:
Cameron Rodgers
Shanice Aga

Sarah Gray
Derek Martin
Chynna Napper