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Shanice Aga




Social Theory
Graphic Design

Selections from "Simultaneity," my undergraduate architecture thesis, integrating architecture, printmaking, and design to explore themes of identity, desire, time, space, power, multiplicity, narrative, storytelling, simulacra, and perspective.

Through the creation of two distinct architectural environments and characters, I aimed to highlight the significance of considering the diverse perspectives and contexts of those who use and experience the buildings we design. Often, architects design in a "god-view" from above, overlaying grids and picking up relationships others cannot percieve. Which fails to capture the true experience of the building in its environment. My project aimed to shift this and design from the perspective view outwards while thinking about some of the most primal questions my human brain constantly wonders about.

After completing this project I became extreemly interested in making mental x-rays of the world I live in, the phenomenon of representation, and Jean Baudrillard‘s theories discussing simulacra, copies or representations of something that has no original, or whose original has been lost or obscured. Simulations and imitations of reality that have become detached from the original reality it is meant to represent. Leading to a situation where the simulation is mistaken for the reality itself, blurring the line between what is real and what is artificial. This idea has significant implications for media, culture, and politics, where images and representations can be used to construct a particular reality or version of events and is something I continue to research and increasingly see the relevance of every day.

Things I was referencing include:

The German TV show Dark
Theseus and the Minotaur
The scenes in Tekkonkinkreet where the character “Black” loses all his balance and is fighting like the most evil minotaur thing (i think is a version of him?)
Art history generally
Lots of movies but Mr. Nobody and Rashomon specifically
Phenomena like the uncanny, the miniature, signs, icons and sociological perspectives.

In 2018, I was awarded the ellen braaten media award for this work.