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Shanice Aga


WNBA x Supreme (2022)

Experience Design
Art Direction
Built Different is a branding concept centered around a collaboration between the WNBA and Supreme, leveraging their shared ties to street culture to re-ignite interest in the league. Through a carefully planned timeline of releases and events, this project builds on the hype surrounding Supreme, guerilla marketing, and exclusive merchandise as a way to incentivize fans to tune in and watch professional women's basketball, while also highlighting the impressive talent of the players.

The branding design fused the bold aesthetics of both brands to create a powerful visual identity that speaks to the excitement and energy of street culture, repositioning the WNBA as a dynamic, must-see sports destination.

Made with:
Cat Clark (Art Direction)
Anari Flemming (Strategy)
Amber Bills (Creative Brand Management)
Taylor Bendus (Copywriter)
Max Warren (Creative Brand Management)