shanice aga is a khoja-american design director / art director / graphic designer, collaborating with artists, brands, and organizations across multiple touchpoints, spanning spatial, digital, and print.

(spatial, print, + digital)
   I collaborated with artist Navine G. Dossos to create digital versions of selected pieces from her series of watercolor paintings, No Such Organisation,” which were then installed as a new mural titled McLean at the ICA at VCU. Photos by David Hale. Director of Marketing & Communications: Meredith Carrington, Curator: Sarah Rifky, Vinyl Team: Cut Cut Creative.

(art direction, graphic design, branding)
    My partner, Kevin Trinh and I co-founded HOYEHH! It’s his dad, Chung Trinh’s chinese-vietnamese chili oil recipe. HOYEHH is a Cantonese expression that translates to “good stuff” but is also used to express the feeling of “yay!” or “wow!” instagram: @HOYEHHCHILIOIL

(spatial, digital, print)
I worked with lens-based artist dana washington-queen, who explores themes of freedom and escape through writing and video-making, to design and produce several pieces for their exhibition titled Resume at the Point of Interruption at the ICA at VCU.
    I worked closely with washington-queen to create a large vinyl mural that provided an intimate glimpse into the artist's process, thoughts, and research. Using provided photos, screenshots, and personal notes, I crafted a design that conveyed the feeling of looking at the artist's desktop.
    Additionally, I designed a large vinyl piece for their essay titled "Black Noetic." Other responsibilities included design for all gallery signage and vinyl needs, including the exterior window treatment, graphics placed around the gallery, and object labels. Photos by David Hale. Director of Marketing & Communications: Meredith Carrington, Curator: Enjoli Moon, Vinyl Team: Cut Cut Creative , Chief Preparator and Exhibition Designer: Andy Clifford.

(personal, design, print)
   Photo book for Harry + Dominic made from photos taken at their wedding reception at  Jing Fong, Chinatown, NYC.

(print, digital, illustration, branding, marketing, communications)
    Collection of work as a designer for VCUarts. Art Director: Ryan Sprowl 

(digital, print, spatial)
I worked with artist files, the curator and the design team to help produce large scale vinyl pieces, marketing materials, posters, graphics, and signage for the exhibition So it appears. Photos by David Hale. Director of Marketing & Communications: Meredith Carrington, Curator: Sarah Rifky, Vinyl Team: Cut Cut Creative, Chief Preparator and Exhibition Designer: Andy Clifford.  

(branding, art direction, spatial)
    Selections from Built Different, a brand/ad concept centered around a collaboration between the WNBA and Supreme, leveraging their shared ties to street culture to re-ignite interest in the league. Through a carefully planned timeline of releases and events, this project builds on the hype surrounding Supreme, guerilla marketing, and exclusive merchandise as a way to incentivize fans to tune in and watch professional women's basketball, while also highlighting the impressive talent of the players. Made with: Cat Clark (Art Direction), Anari Flemming (Strategy), Amber Bills (Creative Brand Management), Taylor Bendus (Copywriter), Max Warren (Creative Brand Management)

Selections from "Simultaneity," my undergraduate architecture thesis, integrating architecture, printmaking, and design to explore themes of identity, desire, time, space, power, multiplicity, narrative, storytelling, simulacra, and perspective. 
    Through the creation of two distinct architectural environments and characters, I aimed to highlight the significance of considering the diverse perspectives and contexts of those who use and experience the buildings we design. Often, architects design in a "god-view" from above, overlaying grids and picking up relationships others cannot perceive. Which fails to capture the true experience of the building in its environment. My project aimed to shift this and design from the perspective view outwards while thinking about some of the most primal questions my human brain constantly wonders about. In 2018, I was awarded the ellen braaten media award for this work.